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Pepper has been my ‘go-to’ for boarding and training since the first time she took care of my Swissy, Ozzy, in April 2016. She has a great training background and has put my mind to ease since the day that I met her. She taught our puppy great manners and we’ve received countless compliments on his behavior since her training sessions. I would never hesitate to recommend her.

Katie Harrison
Where do I even start? Pepper has been a long time friend, she is the kindest and nicest person I have ever met. When she heard that I got a puppy for Christmas she reached out to me and offered her help without any hesitations. We live states away from each other but she would go out of her way and make time for all my questions. One day she even set up a phone call to walk me through some training techniques.She was my go to from any question I had because her answers came easy. She is so knowledgeable in anything from training to smart playing that is more than just physically exhausted but mentally. If she lived closer I would most definitely have her as my dogs trainer in a heartbeat! Her love for any furry friend is so true! Your dog would be in the best hands
Alex U.

He is adjusting very well! My neighbors think he’s a different dog!

Brittany N.

We are extremely happy we left our dog with Pepper and her family while we were on vacation.