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Professionally, 3 years. I spent many more years before that learning, practicing and honing my skills on foster and rescue dogs.

GREAT QUESTION! The short answer, the training transfers. The tools and methods I use for a B&T make communication with your dog SUPER clear, so the training transfers to all members of the household. It is my goal to train a dog who listens to me, my husband and my 1st grader consistently so they listen to their owners as well.

When I finish teaching your dog obedience, coping skills, behavior modification etc, they are ready for you to learn the language of the training. When I do a GO HOME session, I take the time to show you all the tools and how to use them. I then walk you through all kinds of daily scenarios to practice the skills and I offer phone support and extra sessions as needed. Instead of having a struggle with Fido and no direction, you will know what to do and be able to ENJOY your dog more.

It is never too early or too late. The only thing that varies is what your pup/dog is capable of physically and what phases they may be going through in their life. I always work with the dog in front of me so there is no hard fast rule or one size fits all. I do recommend if you’re think of training, no matter your dog’s age… the sooner the better.

Balanced, fair and with clear communication. I work within all 4 quadrants of dog training. I believe if a dog is displaying dangerous behavior, he should be told “no”  in a way he understands. I believe actions have consequences. I also deeply believe in nurturing a healthy mind for learning and growth.  As I have said before, I work with the dog in front of me.

Below is a typical daily schedule. Times can vary depending on the amount of dogs in training and some sessions are taken to public areas. Keep in mind your dog is always training even if they are not in a session. We practice door waits, food bowl waits, proper greetings, spatial pressure games, name games and more throughout the day before, during and after training.

Sometimes listed “sessions” are structured social times for all the dogs to slowly meet and play with each other (depending on the dog).

5:00am – Potty Break & Snack
7:00am – Breakfast and training session
9:00am – Potty break followed by tether time
12:00pm – Lunch/snack and 2nd training session
2:00pm – crate and or tether time
5:00pm – Potty break, Dinner/training session
7:00pm – Potty break
9:00pm – optional potty break for pups or chronic house soiling dogs

YES! I completely feel for you, the owner, saying goodbye for 2-3 weeks to your favorite (and often) most frustrating family member. You miss them and all their terrible behavior…even though if you can have them back without the behaviors from before, that would be fantastic.

I do allow owners to send a shirt or blanket that they are willing to donate for rescue dogs. I suggest you wear it or use it before you donate for your dog to enjoy and then for another dog to be comforted by. This way it holds your smells and your dog settles in better. Dogs don’t easily forget their owners, but this gives you both a good compromise.

That depends on the dog. Most b&t’s will have structured play with my personal dogs as they are well versed in proper greetings and training skills. Sometimes I have great b&t dogs who can play with my dogs and another b&t or two. I am very strict about the dog’s allowed to do this for safety reasons, but if your dog is not dog aggressive and needs help socially it is a goal to let them play and have structured socialization while in my care.

I use public parks and certain local stores that are pet friendly. I do not use dog parks (except the one on the property because it is empty at certain times of the day). I like to give the dogs a variety of social situations with caution to not overwhelm them.

Yes! Often dogs with ongoing medical struggles take a little longer to train. I do allow time for this and focus on giving the dog coping skills for when they aren’t feeling their best. I work with families and their vet’s to come up with the best training plan for your dog and their medical condition. I have a background as a veterinary assistant and am well versed in giving all kinds of medications.

Yes, and I continually working on getting more testimonials from clients.

Yes, the one whose owner isn’t as dedicated to their future as I will be. Every dog and owner who comes to me to receive help get it in some way shape or form. I work with other trainers to keep myself sharp and to also provide resources to families if there should be a case I cannot take. When you fill out the PTQ even if I cannot take your case… I will find you the right fit for you family.

Because the more information you arm me with, the more I can help your dog. It might seem odd to ask about your pet’s diet or how much you paid for them, but these are all details that help me paint a picture of your dog’s needs. So when you fill it out, share EVERYTHING so I can give you the best bang for your buck and time.

When you fill out the PTQ give me all the details of the bites you are aware of in your dog’s history. I am here to help. If I feel you case is too much, I will find a trainer that I would send my own dogs too on your behalf. I need full disclosure on your end so I can get you the help you need TODAY.  This is my passion, let me help.

Yes. I offer packages of 5 sessions each. I think they are a great time for families to bond and learn about their dog. I make up games for the kids to practice and assign each member specific training homework each week. If you don’t have children, no worries! We have plenty of information and techniques to cover.

Rabies and Bordetella. We do accept titers test results. We respect an owner’s choice in vaccinating their pet against other illnesses such as Lyme, leptospirosis and others.

Yes, I recommend training them together so they learn the rules and skills at the same time.

Yes, when you fill out the PTQ, fill out one per dog and ask about our multiple dog discounts.

I require half the payment for you training program up front and the other half at the go home session.

I take cash, cashier’s check, money order and paypal.

Yes, there is a 10% discount for the above mentioned.

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