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Don’t Let Your Dog Tycho Brahe You!

//Don’t Let Your Dog Tycho Brahe You!

Don’t Let Your Dog Tycho Brahe You!

History lesson here: Tycho Brahe was a famous astronomer and Danish nobleman. He was also famous for having a large ego and a fake metal nose. He acquired his nose via a dual and instead of going around without a snout he had one made out of brass (some sources say it was gold and silver) for his face.

He met his demise when he had gone to royal party and had indulged in the  drinks of the evening…. then his bladder exploded.

There was a social courtesy of the day, that one could not leave the party (even to relieve themselves) until the host had excused themselves or dismissed the party altogether. As a result Tycho held his bladder until it literally exploded and he died. Talk about dramatic!

How does this relate to your dog and walking! Stay with me.

Have you ever been walking your dog for a potty break and it seemed like every day your walks got longer and longer before your canine pal relieved himself? Your dog has figured out that if he holds his bladder and bowls, walks get longer and longer.

Walks should be separate from potty time. Give your dog frequent, on leash, potty breaks. Potty area should be from you to the end of the leash… if the dog practices pulling on leash and you give/follow… the dog learns how to walk you. STAND STILL let your dog have a limited amount or space for sniffing and reliving themselves. Once they finish, (even if you stood there for 10minutes before it happened) THEN you can go on a nice walk.

Again, take your dog on walks AFTER a scheduled potty break. Your dog has had their morning constitutional? GREAT!   Now he can walk. If he learns the walk ends after he unloads a situation, he becomes a master at the butt clench.  He will hold it until his bladder is ready to burst (unless you allow marking and thus encourage pulling and sniffing) and now you’re fostering pulling on the leash and bad potty habits that could have repercussions on his health.

Dogs want to be out in the world and pain is gain for them, in this situation. They are more than happy to hold their bladder, bowels and collapse their tracheas if it means a few more sweet moments of fresh air and smells.

Help your dog out. Don’t let them practice bad walking habits by pulling  to find the perfect potty place. Separate the walk (a training session) from the potty routine.

You and your dog will enjoy your walks more if there is no pressure on leash or on the bladder/bowls.

Don’t let your dog hold their bladder or bowels on walks until they are ready to explode. Going potty outside earns them the reward of a good walk!


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