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You’re a Dog Owner

//You’re a Dog Owner

You’re a Dog Owner

You’re a dog owner.

You own the best 4 legged fur friend.

You sometimes feel they own you.

You play fetch, or get on the floor and play bow.

You feed them the best you can afford and that his tummy isn’t upset by.

You walk him and when he barks or fusses at other dogs or critters, you try to console him.

You accomplished teaching him SIT by yourself!

Maybe you worked on SHAKE or HI too. You were real ambitious and devoted to PLAY DEAD.

You take your friend to dog parks, breweries and schedule play dates just for him! Heck, you make sure his social life and diet are better than yours. You can live on the ramen noodle diet for your best friend.

Your work days may be great or they may suck, but no matter what… when you get home, you’re the shit!

Your partner may greet you with a “hi”, a hug or a kiss… but your little buddy will be body slamming you with pure joy when you get home.

This greeting would be misunderstood by others, by between and your special pal… it’s pure love.

But, you’ve found struggling. You love your dog, and he loves you… more than you think you know you’re capable of. Yet, you get frustrated. Sometimes that barking at squirrels and patrolling the yard gets old. It might be nice to not have strangers judging you and your dog based on a moment he had at the park humping another dog’s head.

He is so much more than that!

Aren’t we all? Aren’t we all so much more than a moment amidst a poor choice?

You carry on though, day in and day out. Your dog at your side, faithful and loyal to fault.

Wouldn’t it be nice though to go out and PEOPLE with your dog? To go out and your dog be the reason another human talks to you and compliments your good work? Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog listens when you called him to your instead… instead of leading the charge on a squirrel like a military commander?

Do you ever catch yourself going “Dude, can we just chill on this patio in public without you marking, barking or pulling on your leash until you’re wheezing?”

Your bestie is embarrassing you, but he’s your bestie!

If only there was someone who understood how amazing your dog was. Someone, who could appreciate all you’re trying to do for your pet pal and help you do it just a little better with no judgement.

Welcome to Sit Happens.

We are here for YOU and your best friend.

You’re an amazing dog owner! Let us help you accomplish an even better relationship with your loyal hound.

You’ve been doing your best and giving your best. Now, let us arm you with tools, truths and help to take it all to the next level.

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