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As you have browsed our website you have probably picked up on the fact that we at Sit Happens are a balanced dog training company. What does that mean? The short answer is: we have many tools, techniques and methods that we deem acceptable for dog training and bringing our clients results. If you’ve [...]

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Reasons for a Board and Train

 52 hours. That's how long it took to convince an anxious dog to switch to a calm mindset. Nearly 2 and a half days of structure, Place commands and Tether time and this past half hour is the first that my student has not been squeaking, shaking, pacing or panting.  How long he keeps the mindset and what [...]

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Don’t Let Your Dog Tycho Brahe You!

History lesson here: Tycho Brahe was a famous astronomer and Danish nobleman. He was also famous for having a large ego and a fake metal nose. He acquired his nose via a dual and instead of going around without a snout he had one made out of brass (some sources say it was gold and silver) [...]

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